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Where is Grace in Your World?

Specialty chemicals and materials improve toothpaste, tires, beer, and more

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Grace is a $2 billion market leader providing high-performance materials and catalyst technologies across multiple sectors. We supply customers in 60 countries with essential components for a multitude of consumer and industrial products. Grace is not always visible, but we impact many aspects of everyday life.

When you brush your teeth in the morning, the abrasives that give your teeth that smooth, sparkling, clean feeling are produced using synthetic silicas, such as SYLODENT®  silica, SYLOBLANC® silica, and SIDENT® silica. Our specialty silica products also support stain removal, desensitizing, and whitening in dental care, and can be used as thickeners to improve the viscosity—or flow—of both toothpaste and cosmetics.

Many essential components used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as fine chemicals, resins, excipients, and active ingredient delivery technologies, are key parts of our product range and comprise leading brand-label and generic prescription medications used throughout the world.

For over 50 years, Grace has been a leading producer of catalysts that facilitate the manufacture of everyday materials. These include LYNX® polyethylene (PE) catalyst technologies, commonly used to make the pipes that carry water around your home.

In the garage, the performance of the rubber in car tires is improved by additives, such as reinforcing technologies, that add tear strength and resistance to abrasion and aging. Grace products also help power vehicles. Our fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts play an essential role in converting crude oil into valuable petroleum products in refineries.

Golfers may be surprised to learn that their clubs contain colloidal silicas like LUDOX® colloidal silica casting binder used in the manufacture of complex metal parts.

The surfaces of furniture, walls, and other architectural features are enhanced by GRACE® additives and agents in paints, lacquers, and other coatings for wood, metal, and polyurethane. They have a multitude of functions, including improving the feel and durability of paints and stains, and supporting scratch and scrub resistance.

Grace also plays top chef on your kitchen shelf. Free flow agents help maintain bulk powder velocity during the manufacture of common products like spices, salt, and flour. Edible oils are refined and processed using TRISYL® silica, while DARACLAR® GR920 hydrogel silica is used to aid beer clarification and stabilization.

You may not see the Grace logo on these everyday products, but our lives would not be the same without our technology.

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