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Innovation and Performance for Random Copolymer Resins with CONSISTA® Catalysts and Donors

Delivering high-value random copolymer resins

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In the world of polymer production, innovation and performance are drivers of success. We pride ourselves as a leading provider of catalyst solutions, and we recently achieved a successful trial run for Random Copolymer (RCP) resins using Grace's CONSISTA® catalyst and donor technology in collaboration with ChinaCoal Yulin.

Random copolymer resins for injection molding using CONSISTA®  catalysts and donors

Providing consistency, quality, and productivity is what CONSISTA® catalysts and donors deliver, and this RCP resin trial produced two different resin grades specifically tailored for injection molding applications. Both resin grades met or exceeded ChinaCoal Yulin’s expectations in terms of reactor performance and resin morphology.

The quality of the resin powder produced was exceptional. It had low fines, without popcorns or agglomerates, which can be problematic in the production of random copolymers by potentially causing blockages in equipment downstream. The resin powder also exhibited good “settled bulk density” which is essential for improving efficiency and production throughput in the production process.

CONSISTA® catalyst provides operational value

Another standout achievement of this trial was the operational performance of CONSISTA® catalysts and donors. The catalyst and donor provided steady reactor operation and a smooth transition from homopolymer to random copolymer resins. ChinaCoal Yulin's reactor was stable during the transition, and operation continuity was right on target, highlighting the reliability and consistency of the catalyst and donor. Transitioning from the production of homopolymer grades to RCP grades was a seamless process. This success underscores the adaptability of CONSISTA® catalysts and donors, making them an excellent choice for polypropylene manufacturers seeking to diversify their product portfolio.

ChinaCoal Yulin's team was delighted with the outcome of this trial run. The successful production of RCP resin grades using the CONSISTA® catalyst system (catalysts and donors) has opened new possibilities and expanded their product range. The value of the CONSISTA® catalyst system comes with its reliability, adaptability, and consistent performance. This collaboration with ChinaCoal Yulin is a testament to Grace's commitment to innovation and performance in the polymer industry.

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