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Innovative Ideas and News from Grace Refining Technologies​

W. R. Grace & Co. experts demonstrate the value of doing business with Grace in Catalagram. From improved product performance to increased profitability, Grace's FCC catalysts and additives and ART's hydroprocessing catalysts and catalysts systems deliver significant value in today's challenging refining environment.      


In This Issue​​                                                

Driving Hydrocracker Pretreat Catalyst Development
In this article, our hydrocracking experts from Advanced Refining Technologies (ART), a joint venture with Chevron, cover state-of-the-art technologies to help refiners take advantage of opportunity crudes and meet ever more stringent environmental standards. 


This regular column features answers from Grace and ART experts in response to frequently asked questions or common scenarios. Michael Federspiel (Grace) and Lyle Schoellkopf (ART) provide insight into improving FCC unit and hydroprocessing operations based on questions from the AFPM Process Technology Summit in October 2017. ​


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