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Catalagram 116 Spring 2015Download the latest edition of Grace’s Catalagram® to review several case studies which demonstrate how the flexibility of the ACHIEVE® catalyst family has been applied commercially to improve
FCCU yield and profitability.


You need every club in the bag for today’s opportunity feedstocks, variable economics, and shifting conditions.

The new ACHIEVE® series of FCC catalysts from Grace hands you the versatility and functionality you need for today’s dynamic refining environment. Select the ACHIEVE® catalyst advantage that’s right for your feeds, your process, and your business requirements.

ACHIEVE® 100High activity for light feedstocks
ACHIEVE® 200Coke-selective bottoms conversion
ACHIEVE® 300Propylene selectivity
ACHIEVE® 400Octane and butylene selectivity
ACHIEVE® 800Maximum metals tolerance and resid conversion

Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor a formulation to meet your most challenging requirements… and give yourself a clear shot to win.