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​​​The HSLS platform, developed in 2007, allows refiners to reach the next step in sediment control with improved deme​tallation.

The HSLS technology incorporates a novel base, along with a unique process technology for efficient metals impregnation. This combination of proprietary alumina, with very specific pore size distribution, and unique metals impregnation process technology allows efficient use of the active metals.

Key performance features of the HSLS technology platform are:

  • Lower sediment formation (7-20%), allowing reduced frequency of clean out of downstream equipment - higher on-stream factor and lower maintenance costs. In some cases this has allowed higher resid conversion and/or flexibility of more opportunity crude processing.
  • Higher MCR removal – better coker feed quality
  • Improved HDS of the distillate and unconverted resid.
  • Significant reduction (5-15%) in fresh catalyst usage with higher HDM, which also means more value for metals recovery on spent catalyst.