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LS Catalyst is Low Sediment Technology that can be used for wide array of feedstocks, including heavy crudes. ART has developed several technology platforms to achieve different benefits within specific EBR unit constraints. The LS platform, developed in 2002, was the first commercially available EBR catalyst to provide low sediment on paraffinic type of feeds like Ural.

The HSLS/LS dual catalyst system was designed to provide excellent resid conversion activity for those units that run paraffinic feeds that are prone to sediment, thereby giving the ability to run at higher severity. This system offers a combination of a relatively high metals tolerance catalyst in the first stage with the relatively higher conversion/low sediment system in the second stage. By allowing maximum metals removal in the first stage, the second stage can be operated at higher severity. By virtue of low metals on the second stage catalyst, this will result in maximizing the reactivity toward the difficult and unconverted feed components coming from the first stage. The catalyst addition rate split to the first and the second/third stages can be optimized, depending upon the feed contaminants levels, and the degree of the conversion reactions required in Stage 2/3. This system has been in commercial use very successfully for several years.