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EnRich® GT Catalysts

EnRich® GT 530 guard catalyst is a high surface area NiMo guard bed catalyst used to remove impurities from natural oils and greases for Renewable Diesel production.

EnRich® HT 610 and EnRich® HT 710 hydrotreating catalysts are a highly active NiMo catalyst used to remove both oxygen and nitrogen from natural oils and greases for Renewable Diesel production.  EnRich® HT 610 catalyst provides higher hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) activity while EnRich® HT 710 catalyst provides higher hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) activity.

Optimized catalyst stacking configuration can be achieved by combining EnRich® GT 530, EnRich® HT 610, and EnRich® HT 710 ​catalysts to handle impurities, improve heat management, and target the most difficult oxygen or nitrogen molecules.