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LPG Olefins

OlefinsMax®, OlefinsUltra®, OlefinsUltra® HZ, and OlefinsUltra® MZ additives offer increasing levels of activity for LPG olefin maximization.

Grace's ZSM-5 additives allow refiners to increase light olefins yield to feed downstream petrochemical applications or as alkylation feed to maximize gasoline pool octane.  When operating in LCO maximization mode, Grace's ZSM-5 additives can be used to maintain/increase gasoline octane or light olefins yield.

Grace's high activity, high stability, olefins additives maximize the yield of high value C3 and C4 olefins by selective conversion of low octane gasoline components into LPG.  This is done while producing no change in coke, dry gas or bottoms yields.