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MIDAS® FCC Catalyst
Conversion of the heaviest feed hydrocarbons is critical to maximize FCCU profitability. MIDAS® FCC catalyst is designed to deliver deep bottoms cracking with excellent gas selectivity. It is well known that mesporosity is the key to bottoms conversion. MIDAS delivers high mesoporosity resulting in more selective bottoms conversion, without the coke and gas penalty often observed with competitive technologies. In 2009, MIDAS was recognized by Frost and Sullivan for leading Technology Innovation in Refinery Catalysts and has been successfully utilized in over 100 refineries worldwide.
  • ​High mesoporosity (pore volume in the 100-600 Å range) for deep bottoms conversion
  • Optimal zeolite activity and selectivity
  • Excellent fluidization characteristics
  • Demonstrated performance benefits in over 100 FCC's