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ART Catalagram Special Edition

Catalagram 113 SE-Fall 2013

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Individual Articles:


Optimizing Hydroprocessing Catalyst Systems for Hydrocracking and Diesel Hydrotreating Applications: Flexibility Through Catalysis

High Activity Catalysts are Key to the Success of the SmART Catalyst System®

Don't Be Medieval, Make More Diesel!

Ebullating Bed Dual Catalyst Systems from ART

Leading theWay with Fixed Bed Resid Hydroprocessing Technologies

Answers to Questions from the 2013 AFPM Q&A and Technology Forum

Catalagram 112 SE-Fall 2012

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Individual Articles:


545DX: Higher Performance with a New NiMo Catalyst for ULSD

The ART of Trapping Silicon and Arsenic

Product Stewardship at ART

Understanding Cloud Point and Hydrotreating Relationships

Answers to Selected Questions from the 2012 AFPM Q&A Session

Catalagram 110 SE-Fall 2011

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Individual Articles:


Hydrocracking Pretreat Catalyst Development

The Challenges of Processing FCC LCO

StART Catalyst System Success Story

Controlling Feedstock Contaminants in Diesel Hydrotreating Operations

2011 NPRA Q&A Answers

Catalagram 108 SE-Fall 2010

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Individual Articles:


Impact of Processing More LCO

AT734G: A Combined Silicon and Arsenic Guard Catalyst

AT795: The Latest Advance in FCC Feed Upgrading from ART

PHOENIX: A Regeneration and Reactivation Process for Type II Catalysts

Selected Answers to the 2010 NPRA Q&A Hydroprocessing Questions

Catalagram 106 SE-Fall 2009

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Individual Articles:


The SmART Catalyst System™: Meeting the Challenges of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Continued

Improvements in Advanced Pretreating by ART With Our Newest FCC Pretreat Catalyst, AT795

Cetane Improvement In Diesel Hydrotreating

Hydrocracker Pretreat Catalyst Development

ART's Latest Catalyst Technology for EB Resid Hydrocracking

Advanced Refining Technologies' Answers to 2009 NPRA Q&A Questions on Hydroprocessing

Catalagram 104 SE-Fall 2008

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Individual Articles:


Feed Contaminants in Hydroprocessing Units

Maximizing ULSD Unit Performance when Processing LCO and other Previously Processed Feeds

420DX: A New High Activity CoMo Catalyst for ULSD by ART

Improving FCC Feed Quality with ART's Newest FCC Pretreat Catalyst, 585DX

Combining New and Old Technologies – Inlet Diffuser and Random Packing Dramatically Improve Reactor Performance

ART Excels In ULSD Service: Update on Sulfur minimization By ART

​Selected Catalagram Articles by
Advanced Refining Technologies

Tight Oil Distillate in ULSD Production, What To Expect?

Custom Catalyst Systems for Higher Yields of Diesel

Maximize Yields of High Quality Diesel

Balancing the Need for Low Sulfur FCC Products and Increasing FCC LCO Yields by Applying Advanced Technology for Cat Feed Hydrotreating

Distillate Pool Maximization by Additional LCO Hydroprocessing


Distillate Pool Maximization by Exploiting the Use of Opportunity Feedstocks Such as LCO and Syncrude


Factors Influencing ULSD Product Color


New Opportunities for Co-Processing Renewable Feeds in Refinery Processes

Meet Clean Fuels Challenges with Advanced Refining Technologies Newest ULSD Catalysts – ART 420DX™

Successful Implementation of State-of-the-Art ULSD/Dewaxing Technology at Irving Oil, Saint John, NB


The Effects of Treat Gas H2 Purity on ULSD Catalyst Performance