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Value Delivered

At Grace, value is all about our customers' financial success. Our world-class technical service and catalyst solutions, developed collaboratively with our customers, provide more than just technology and performance. They are designed to increase each customer's bottom line—by improving yields, increasing throughput or reliability, or solving a problem in their operations. Our goal is not just to provide reliable, high quality and value-added catalysts;  our goal is to strengthen our customers' businesses by providing exceptional financial return on their investment (and faith) in Grace's talent and technology.



​Collaborating to Increase Profits​

​Improving Customer Results​​​​​

Grace has been supporting customers worldwide in providing comprehensive solutions to complex problems through its catalyst and UNIPOL® PP technology  and strong technical expertise.  With our business philosophy focusing on customer needs and value delivery, we are always searching for solutions that make our customers profitable and more competitive in the marketplace.

Contact us to learn more about using Grace's 6th generation catalysts to reduce your operating costs and increase your productivity.

With the combination of Grace advanced donors, catalyst technologies and technical expertise, Grace provides customers with comprehensive solutions that allow them to achieve their main objectives, with the added value of an increase in production throughput, improved operability and lower reactor downtime potential.

Contact us to learn more about using our ActivCat® Catalyst Technology to produce a broad line of LLDPE and MDPE products.

A Partner in Sustainability

Polyolefins offer a broad range of performance capabilities and a lower environmental impact than many alternatives, making it an ideal candidate for material substitution.  Grace provides customers with a variety of solutions that help customers meet their sustainability goals.

Contact us to learn more about how our customers are using our high-performing catalysts for lightweighting auto parts to improve fuel economy, downgauging packaging to reduce plastics requirements, and reformulating their products to produce safer packaging and household items.