​Specialized Evaluation Tools

Grace's extensive research and development in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) has resulted in development of many specialized evaluation tools.  Two of the technologies we developed and now license are detailed here. To explore these and other available tools, please contact your Grace representative.


Grace DCR™ Pilot PlantMark IV DCR sans logo.jpg

The Grace DCR™ Pilot Plant is a proprietary circulating riser pilot FCC unit. The DCR™ is the leading, commercially available technology for small-scale FCC pilot units thanks to innovations such as slide-valve, pressure balanced, adiabatic operation. More than 28 DCR™ units are licensed worldwide, including two units used by Grace.  A description of the application of the DCR™ to a variety of feedstock and process designs can be found in the Spring 2013 Catalagram article "Flexible Pilot Plant Technology for Evaluation of Unconventional Feedstocks and Processes." 


The G-CON® (Grace-Calculated Octane Number) software program estimates research and motor octane for gasoline samples based on a calculation model that uses detailed gas chromatographic analysis of the gasoline composition.  The software allows for calculation of RON and MON numbers for gasoline samples produced in laboratory testing that are too small for conventional knock-engine octane analysis.  The model also provides powerful predictive capabilities in examination of the dependence of gasoline octane quality on boiling range and composition. ​

​Contact your Grace representative for more information about these specialized evaluat​​ion tools.​