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Chemical Processing


​​​​​​Biofuels Catalysts


A number of novel pathways are being developed for producing advanced biofuels via catalysis with the goal of producing a renewable transportation fuel (drop-in biofuel) that can be used in conventional engines and existing infrastructure. These advanced biofuels and cellulosic biofuels require technologies that will efficiently and economically convert renewable feedstocks.  For these new technologies, solid catalysts will be as important to biorefineries as they are to the petrochemical industry today.  New and better catalysts are the key to unlocking the potential of biomass for transportation fuels. 

Grace brings significant experience in catalyst design, manufacturing and characterization.  Partner with Grace now to access our portfolio of catalysts and customized catalysts for biomass conversion. We have ongoing research and development to improve the efficiency and selectivity of catalysts for renewable applications.  We have commercialized catalysts for the hydrotreating of natural oils and fats and offer catalysts for the upgrading and stabilization of pyrolysis oils for the production of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. 

Grace is committed to meeting the challenges associated with biomass conversion.   We are strategically focused in this area with dedicated resources for biofuel catalyst development and technical support.  Look to Grace to provide catalysts for the economic conversion of biomass to meet the environmental demands of the global transportation fuel market.

EnRich® GT 530 guard catalyst is a high surface area NiMo guard bed catalyst used to remove impurities from natural gas oils and greases for Renewable Diesel production.

 EnRich® HT 610 and EnRich® HT 710 hydrotreating catalysts are a highly active NiMo catalyst used to remove both oxygen and nitrogen from natural oils and greases for Renewable Diesel production.



EnRich® GT Catalysts® GT CatalystsGuard Catalyst for Renewable Diesel Production