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Chemical Processing


​​​​​​Polyolefin Catalysts

For more than 50 years, Grace has been a leading producer of polyolefin cata­lysts and additive systems. Our heritage is in polyethylene catalysts, but through a series of acquisitions, partnerships and joint develop­ment agreements, we have accelerated our growth into the polypropylene catalyst sector. Today we are the #1 independent polyolefin catalyst supplier and #2 polypropylene catalyst supplier globally. Our customers include the ten largest polyolefin producers in the world.

Grace’s broad portfolio of industry-leading, commercially proven polypropylene and polyethylene catalysts includes:
  • MAGNAPORE®, the industry’s recognized leader in pipe resin catalyst with a 40-year strong history of performance in loop processes;
  • POLYTRAK® polypropylene catalyst, a high activity, 4th generation technology delivering homo- and co-polymer capability;
  • HYAMPP™ catalysts with industry leading activity and performance for a broad range of applications, delivering resins that exhibit better clarity, stiffness and impact strength; and
  • SYLOPOL® catalysts and supports specifically designed for high performance in polyethylene gas phase reactors.

In December 2013, Grace acquired UNIPOL® PP, a proprietary gas phase polypropylene process technology for the production of a broad range of polypropylene products of the Dow Chemical Company. Our licensing and catalysts systems business offers industry-leading UNIPOL®​ Polypropylene Process Technology, which includes the advanced process control UNIPOL UNIPPAC™ Process Control software, SHAC™ Catalysts Systems, and 6th Generation non-phthalate CONSISTA™ Catalysts Systems.