ZEOFOAM™​ defoamer precursors are amorphous, inert synthetic silicon dioxide specially developed to facilitate the coalescing of foam bubbles. The silicas give full effect for macro or micro foam. ZEOFOAMTM defoamer precursors are available from Grace in the European Economic Area.

Effective Foam-controlling Performance Materials

  • Easy to process
  • Uniform particle size
  • Effective in use
  • FDA conforming
  • Manufacturing under GMP 

ZEOFOAM™ 166 silica is a defoamer precursor designed for either dry roast or in-situ hydrophobic surface treatment.  ZEOFOAM™ 166 silica is effective in a wide range of defoamers, from paints and coatings to paper, and can be used universally for all defoamers within a wide range of industries.

ZEOFLO® silica is a hydrophobic defoamer, which has been pre-treated in a special process to make them ready for use in either mineral oil or silicone oil based defoamer formulations. ZEOFLO® TL and ZEOFLO® MD silicas have been specifically tailored to provide excellent foam knockdown and foam suppression in a variety of applications including paint and coatings, paper, textile and water treatment.

​Hydrophilic Precursor

​​​ ​Hydrophobic Grades

​​​Typical Properties




​Loss on Drying (%)




Methanol Wet-out (%)


​> 60​

​> 60​

​Median Particle Size (µm)




Consult your Grace representative to select the right products for your coatings formulations.