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Coatings & Inks


​​Other ​Functional Additives


Colloidal Silicas

LUDOX® colloidal silica offers broad flexibility for specific performance targets in a variety of applications including surface sealants, inkjet coatings, steam/wetting promoters and latex coatings and adhesives. Because of its small particle size, LUDOX® colloidal silica can play multiple roles in many water-borne coating formulations. Particles in the smaller size range act as binders or co-binders to add strength and durability to the coating due to silica reactivity with other silica particles, metal surfaces, fillers or organic polymers. Larger particle grades are mainly used as surface modifiers.​

​Surface Sealant

LUDOX® colloidal silica and Lithium Polysilicate may be used to seal the surface of porous substrates such as wood, concrete or surfaces coated with latex paints.

Steam/Wetting Promoter

In steam irons, sole plates treated with LUDOX® colloidal silica help water droplets spread evenly on the surface of the steam chamber and quickly turn to steam.

This reduces the tendency of the iron to expel water droplets from the steam chamber onto the fabric being ironed. Colloidal silica may be used to improve wetting or adhesion properties of a variety of substrates.

Latex Coatings, Adhesives

The addition of colloidal silica to latexes used as adhesives increases bonding strength to smooth surfaces such as paper, fabric, leather, or glass.

LUDOX® colloidal silica particles align themselves with latex particles. When the latex coalesces during drydown, the silica becomes an integral part of the matrix.

The addition of 5-20% silica (based on polymer solids) improves adhesion, durability, and chip and scrub-resistance.​

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