​LUDOX® colloidal silicas offer broad flexibility for specific performance targets in a variety of applications including surface sealants. LUDOX® colloidal silicas and Lithium Polysilicate can be used to seal the surface of porous substrates such as wood, concrete, or surfaces coated with latex paints.

LUDOX® colloidal silicas are used in inkjet coatings, steam/wetting promoters, and latex coatings and adhesives.

With its small particle size, LUDOX® colloidal silica performs multiple functions in water-borne coating formulations. Particles in the smaller size range act as binders or co-binders adding strength and durability to the coatin​g due to silica reactivity with other silica particles, metal surfaces, fillers, or organic polymers. Larger particle grades serve as surface modifiers.


  • Binder

  • Anti-abrasion

  • Strengthener

  • Anti-skid