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SYLOBEAD® Adsorbents



SYLOBEAD® molecular sieve and silica gel products have been used in Natural Gas, Petrochemical and Refining processing to successfully remove impurities and moisture from feed streams for many years. The SYLOBEAD® adsorbent line includes a comprehensive portfolio of beaded and granular silica gels, beaded molecular sieves, and ceramic balls (for support layers).


Natural Gas Applications


Since the early 1950s, the natural gas industry has utilized solid adsorption materials such as silica gels, molecular sieves, and aluminas for dehydration and purification of various product streams. Grace has a long history of developing, producing and marketing various types of zeolites and silica gels for both industrial scale adsorption and catalyst applications.

Today, natural gas is a vital component of the world's energy supply. It is one of the cleanest, safest, and most versatile of all energy sources. Raw natural gas is not only saturated with water, but also contains acid gas components such as CO2, H2S and other sulphur compounds in varying concentrations, depending on the source.

The natural gas industry has strict specifications and limits on impurities in hydrocarbon gas and condensates supplied to processing plants and downstream customers in order to prevent corrosion, hydrate formation, and freezing in cryogenic equipment. When sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide levels are too high, they need to be removed to meet product specifications or avoid formation of solid CO2.

SYLOBEAD® adsorbents are used extensively by natural gas industry for a range of applications. Examples are:

  • Natural gas drying prior to cryogenic processing or turbo expansion with SYLOBEAD® molecular sieves
  • Natural gas sweetening for removal of H2S and mercaptans to meet pipeline specifications with molecular sieves
  • Hydrocarbon dew point control and recovery. Grace supplies hydrocarbon grade silica gel for NGL extraction where hydrocarbon dew point specifications need to be met
  • Sour natural gas drying with a modified synthetic SYLOBEAD® molecular sieve to meet transmission specifications to the sulfur removal unit
  • Special molecular sieves are available to remove water and sulfur components while avoiding the formation of CO2.

To select the right SYLOBEAD® Adsorbent for your application, please contact your Grace representative.​​​​