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Product Stewardship


​​​​​​​​​Managing Risk

Risk characterization, management, and communication are important elements of Grace's Product Stewardship Program. Our risk characterization and management program identifies, reduces, manages, and communicates the environmental, health, and safety impacts associated with our products throughout the product lifecycle..


Risk characterization begins with an evaluation of the hazards associated with our products' ingredients. Every product's detailed composition is defined and any reaction compounds, byproducts, impurities, or other minor components are evaluated. Available information on physio-chemical, health hazard, and environmental effects is reviewed and studies are commissioned to obtain additional data as appropriate. Exposure risks are assessed for manufacturing processes, handling, packaging, distribution, use, and disposal. Risks are characterized for workers making the product, customers using the product, and others who may be affected.


Prior to commercialization of a product, a risk management evaluation is performed. This evaluation assures that products can be safely produced, sold, and used in all intended applications.


Grace communicates product safety information primarily through Safety Data Sheets and product labels. Additional communication methods such as training presentations and videos, safe use bulletins, and regulatory summaries are provided when appropriate to communicate risks adequately.

Click here to access the Grace Product Risk Characterization, Prioritization, and Management Process.​

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