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Ariba Invoicing FAQs

For indirect orders, ensure your company has confirmed the PO – change orders also require an order confirmation – and that the Grace end user has posted a goods receipt on the order. Grace requires both actions to be completed in Ariba before an invoice can be submitted.

For direct orders, a ship notice is required in addition to an order confirmation and goods receipt. Process flow for sender (Grace) and recipient (supplier):
Invoice FAQ 01.png
The Grace end user has not yet posted the quantity of goods receipt needed on the purchase order to invoice.
Even if no tax is being charged, enter “0” in the Rate % field.
Invoice FAQ 02.png
If the invoice number has previously been used and rejected or credit submitted, a “1” or “A” must be entered after the invoice to create a new, unique number.
Click the link for instructions on Invoice Cancellation Process.
  1. Log in to your Ariba account. 
  2. Navigate to Supplier Enablement FAQ 09.png for Company Settings. 
  3. Click on Network Notifications. 
    Invoice FAQ 03.png
  4. Check notification box and enter e-mail address(es) separated by a comma.
    Invoice FAQ 04.png
If your organization submits more than 25 invoices with Grace per year and utilizes digital/text searchable PDF invoices, you have the option to submit PDF invoices via e-mail that will be converted and uploaded onto the Ariba Network instead of having to manually complete the PO/Invoice Flip process. Click on the link for Instructions to Enable and Use Ariba Email PDF Invoice Feature.