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Ariba Supplier Enablement FAQs

Grace has transitioned to Ariba and will be conducting all business transactions through that platform. Orders received in Ariba must be invoiced in Ariba.
For most suppliers, the first new purchase order sent through Ariba will initiate the process and contain a link with directions to create a new account or log in using an existing account to establish a trading relationship with Grace on the Ariba Network.

There are two types of accounts: Standard and Enterprise. There is no charge for a Standard Account, whereas there may be fees with an Enterprise Account depending on the volume and number of transactions. For more details about accounts and fees, visit SAP Ariba Subscriptions and Pricing.
We can only remove the relationship to one account and establish a relationship with another after all open orders have been invoiced to close out the current account.

If you have multiple accounts, you also have the option to link them together by creating an account hierarchy. Please note this option is only available for Enterprise Accounts and that orders will need to be invoiced in the account they were received.

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Only if you’re an indirect supplier. You will need to contact Ariba Customer Support to submit a request to downgrade the account. Please note the terms of agreement for usage of the Ariba Network are between the supplier and SAP Ariba, which Grace is not involved in.  
Your account administrator is responsible for setting up new users on the account and defining their permissions. Each account can have up to 250 users but only one administrator. Refer to “Setting Up Users” under Ariba Tutorial Videos for additional assistance.
  1. Go to the Ariba Supplier Login page and click on the “Having trouble logging in?” link. 
    Supplier Enablement FAQ 10.png
  2. Select either username or password and click Continue. 
    Forgot username.png
  3. Enter your e-mail address and click Submit.
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  1. Go to the Ariba Supplier Login page and click on the Supplier Enablement FAQ 02.png icon in the top right corner to expand the Help Center. 
  2. Select Support at the bottom of the page.
    Supplier Enablement FAQ 03.png
  3. Type account reassignment in the popup window and click Start.
    Supplier Enablement FAQ 04.png
  4. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions that will direct you to assistance by e-mail or phone. You will need to provide the following information:
    • ANID (Ariba Network Identification) number of your supplier account
    • Previous administrator's full name
    • Previous administrator's email address
    • Name and email of a sub-user (if the account has sub-users)
On your Ariba homepage, click All Customers to verify Grace exists. If not, then a relationship has not been established yet.
Supplier Enablement FAQ 05.png

If Grace is a current customer, then click on Last 14 days to change the view to Last 200 documents.
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With a Standard Account, you cannot access the order from your Ariba homepage. All actions from confirming order to creating an invoice will be done through the PO that was e-mailed to the recipient. If you cannot find or do not have that e-mail, you can have the order resent:

  1. Click on Select and “Send me a copy to take action” on your Ariba homepage.
    Supplier Enablement FAQ 07.png
  2. In the popup window, choose Resend if e-mail is correct or My Account to update. 
    Supplier Enablement FAQ 08.png
  3. Once the e-mail is received, click Process Order button to access the purchase order.
The purchase order has been updated. The supplier must confirm the change order and use that most recent version to submit any invoice(s).
Refer to the SCC Functional Training Guide found on our Ariba supplier page. A demonstration of the process can be seen in “Creating Ship Notice” under Ariba Tutorial Videos.
Refer to “Ariba Homepage – Setting Up Notifications” under Ariba Tutorial Videos for additional assistance on configuring electronic order routing, electronic invoice routing, payment remittances, and setting up a goods receipt notification.
The account administrator will need to follow the steps below. This process is also demonstrated in “Ariba Homepage – Setting Up Notifications” under Ariba Tutorial Videos.
  • Log into the administrator’s account 
  • Click on Supplier Enablement FAQ 09.png for Company Settings 
  • Select Electronic Order Routing from the dropdown menu 
  • Change the e-mail address under New Orders 
  • Click Save