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Food & Beverage


​​​​​​Tabletting Aids

Because of their multifunctional properties, SYLOID® silica excipients are effective in nutraceutical and supplement ​formulations for a range of applications including: glidants, tabletting aids, suspension aids, disintegrants, and dragees.

SYLOID® silicas can also be used as carriers for active ingredients due to their high adsorption capacity, controlled desorption, and improved compatibility. In addition, they also provide other benefits to formulations such as:

  • Prevent clumping
  • Maintain free-flow behavior
  • Improve process ability and homogeneity
  • Control moisture
  • In general extend the shelf life of powdered feed products and ingredients.

To select the ideal SYLOID® silica excipient for your formulation requirements, consult your Grace representative.​​