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Food & Beverage


​​​Viscosity Modifiers​


Syloid FP Silica

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Many processed foods use a variety of ingredients to modify their viscosity or texture. These ingredients include texturizers, thickeners, viscosity modifiers, gellation agents, and stiffening agents and give the food technology formulator a range of tools to provide the desired texture and thickness to food products the consumer desires.

Silicas are chemically inert; have neutral pH; have little or no negative health implications; and don't affect the color, taste, or aroma, of food products.  This makes them ideal for food and beverage applications.​


SYLOID® Silicas can be used as effective viscosity modifying agents to help achieve the desired texture or thickness in food products. They can also be used to convert liquids to gels, pastes, or powders for food or dietary supplement formulations.

To learn more how the multi-functional characteristics of SYLOID®​ Silica can be used to benefit the processing, stability, or aesthetics of your food products, contact your Grace representative.​​​​



SYLOID® Silica Excipients® Silica ExcipientsCompliant with the test requirements for silicon dioxide as described in the latest editions of the Food Chemicals