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Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel

TRISYL® Silicas for Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel feedstock pre-treatment

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TRISYL® Silica helps both biodiesel and renewable diesel processes improve yield and productivity while reducing the environmental footprint

TRISYL® silica is recommended for the pre-treatment of feedstock for both renewable diesel and biodiesel, in this latter case, TRISYL® Silica can be used in biodiesel post-treatment helping to substantially reduce the need for water washing. TRISYL® silica enables the economic conversion of biomass to biodiesel and renewable diesel to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Improved Productivity

  • Allows high feedstock flexibility
  • Extends filtration cycle in the feedstock pre-treatment phase
  • Reduces trace metals and associated soaps
  • Reduces or eliminates the need of activated clays
  • Extends catalytic life up to 10% (renewable diesel)

Reduced Environmental Footprint

  • Reduces neutral oil losses (NOL) in filter cakes (yield increase)
  • Reduces solid waste disposal management costs
  • Reduces the need of water wash in biodiesel post-treatment

Safety & Handling

  • Amorphous silica, NO respirable crystalline silica
  • Low dust

Customer Support and Service 

When you choose TRISYL® silicas, you choose the benefits of working with Grace, a global leader in specialty chemical manufacturing with a track record of success in the biodiesel and renewable diesel market. Our expertise in silica, combined with our expertise in catalysts for the refining and hydrocracking of fuels, makes us the ideal partner to work within the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry.

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