​​Personal Care Ingredients​​

Staying competitive in the dynamic personal care industry requires nimble product innovation to meet quickly evolving custom​​er demands and retail trends. Grace's portfolio for personal care ingredients consists of a range of functional additives that improve processing, achieve desired properties, enhance touch/feeling, or extend the stability and shelf-life of finished products. 

In personal care formulations, the physical characteristics of silica can alter product tactile qualities or enhance other properties such as:​

  • Improving skin-feel
  • Adding film uniformity
  • Providing mattifying effect
  • Replacing polymer microspheres in exfoliant applications

Product Performance

Grace creates micronized silica particles with highly-defined pore structures, resulting in porosity that can be tailored to specific needs. This unique morphology delivers outstanding adsorption, particle size distribution, and greater internal surface area. That means fewer formulation ingredients, simplified manufacturing, and superior product performance.

Additional Properties

Highly effective moisture scavengers called zeolites can provide additional functionalities such as sensory, self-healing and abrasive properties.

The versatile properties of our SYLOID® silica and SYLOSIV® molecular sieve products allow them to be used across multiple personal care applications such as sun care, skin care, hair care, nail care and cosmetics.

Grace's Silicas and Zeolites Deliver Multi-functional Benefits

Properties SYLOSIV® Zeolite Powder SYLOID® Silica
Oil Adsorption​●
Moisture Adsorption​●​●
Thickening Agent
Suspension Aid​●
Free-flow Agent​●
Mattifying/Gloss Control​●
Silky Skin Feel​●​
High Bulking Value​●
Pigment Dispersion​●
​​Self-heating Property​●​
​​Compaction Aid​●

Product Applications Characteristics
​SYLOID® silica

SYLOSIV® Zeolite Powder

Lotions, Creams, and Liquid Cosmetics​SYLOID® silicas to help achieve the desired consistency, silky texture, mattifying, and soft focus effects in liquid and cream formulations. In addition, SYLOID® silicas can be used to add abrasive properties for mild exfoliation in clean​sing products.


SYLOSIV® zeolites also provide unique self-heating therapeutic properties that help enhance the active ingredient's availability.

​SYLOID® silicaSunscreen Products​SYLOID® silicas have a high level of internal porosity and significant capacity to absorb oils present in sunscreens, resulting in non-greasy skin-feel.


SYLOID® silicas can be effectively utilized in oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions for the production of high-Sun Protection Factor (SPF) formulations.

​SYLOID® silicaPowdersChoose SYLOID® silicas as free-flow and anti-caking agents to help prevent clumping and facilitate processing in the manufacture of powders and powdered cosmetics. SYLOID® silica helps maintain homogeneity and an even dispersion of colorants in cosmetic formulations. Since SYLOID® silicas have excellent oil adsorptive properties and tightly controlled particle size, they can provide soft focus and skin mattifying effects in demand for premium cosmetic products.
​SYLOID® silicaHair Products​SYLOID® silicas can function as effective oil adsorbers in powdered shampoos. Use SYLOID® silicas in powdered hair bleach

preparations to help keep them free-flowing.

​SYLOID® silicaNail Polish​Use SYLOID® silicas for rheology control and to help keep nail polish pigments in suspension and prevent them from settling at

the bottom of the container.

SYLOID® silicas also act as mattifying agents to help achieve the desired surface appearance.

​SYLOID® silicaSolid Cosmetics and Toiletries​​Unlike waxes and polymers, SYLOID® silicas can be used to effectively prevent softening under elevated temperature conditions in solid formulations such as lipsticks and other cosmetic products. Their viscosity is not affected by pH and ionic strength and/or polyvalent ions.

They can also be used in products such as mascara to prevent smudging and running after application in a warm and humid environment.


SYLOID® silicas are also effective in maintaining the integrity and stability of solid anti-perspirant products by helping to prevent seepage of liquid ingredients and melting or softening at elevated temperatures.

Customer Service and Support

A relationship with Grace brings technical collaboration and support to speed your manufacturing and product development process.  

Contact Grace ​to help you choose the product to achieve the desired effects for your personal care applications.​