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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chromatography Resin


prep_columns.jpg​Known for optimized chromatographic performance, improved capacity, high purity, and stability of supply, Grace has nearly 100 years experience in silica engineering technology. Our portfolio and support allow tight partnerships with pharmaceutical companies from development through process scale.


The DAVISIL® silica brand has become an industry standard for the purification of small to large molecules. DAVISIL® silica is produced at two ISO-9001 certified facilities. Tight control of the silica's chemical and structural properties from raw material to finished product distinguishes DAVISIL® silica's lot-to-lot consistency and  reliable performance. DAVISIL®  silica is available in a  wide range of pore diameters from 30A - 4500A and  available in 1kg to multi-ton quantities for scale-up to industrial process applications. 

As one of the first media platforms for reversed-phase protein and peptide separations, VYDAC® resin remains a trusted name in biopurification. VYDAC® resin is known for its superior selectivity and recovery. 

  • VYDAC® 150HC peptide resin is highly effective at purifying small to medium sized peptides with greater loading capacity and improved productivity compared to competitive resin.
  • VYDAC® 300A reversed-phase protein purification resin is a well defined, high purity, totally porous separation resin that meets the most demanding needs of prepearative scale process users.
MODcol® and SPRING® preparative columns are no longer available from Grace. For more information on where you can now purchase these products, please click here.​