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Stakeholder Engagement


Our Stakeholders

​Sharing and Listening

​Typical Areas of Interest


We are proud to serve many of the most respected and successful companies in the world. Large or small, our customers engage with us through our global sales network, customer service, our trusted distributors, our global technical service teams, and product development projects. We are active participants and frequent sponsors of conferences and events, from Grace user groups to the leading trade groups in countries around the world.

​Our relationship with customers is built on talent, technology, and trust. Our mutual interest in the development, manufacture, and delivery of quality products that improve our customers’ products and processes lies at the core of our engagement.

​Candidates and Employees 

​Prospective and current employees are the lifeblood of Grace. Our media channels range from regular face-to-face conversations to social media and our other digital connections, including the Careers section of our website.

​Our relationships with candidates and employees are rich, deep, and highly consequential. Our commitment is to be as transparent as is legal and practical as we strive to identify countless opportunities for mutual benefit.

Unions, Works Councils, and Safety Committees

​Many Grace employees are represented by unions or local works councils. Engagement with these groups is constant and an integral part of our operations in those locations. Employee-driven health and safety committees have been long-established at many of our sites.  

Matters that fall within the purview of unions, bargaining units, and works councils span working conditions as well as ways to improve our business and commitments to other stakeholders. Worker health and safety is a key priority for our many safety committees that are a collaboration between employees, EHS staff, and site leadership. 


​Current and prospective suppliers reach us through our website and global Strategic Supply Chain organization. Our interaction is supported by the SAP Ariba solution. 

​We strive to achieve mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers around the world. We share our commitment to ethical standards through our Supplier Code of Conduct.

​Local Communities

​We participate in many advisory groups, neighborhood and business associations, and countless ad hoc conversations with our communities around the world. Our employees volunteer time, talent, and charitable gifts that often are matched by Grace.

Each of our facilities is engaged with groups in their area on matters of public safety, charitable giving, health and human services, education, and more.

​Industry Groups

​We are members of many industry, trade, and professional associations around the world. Our participation spans the breadth of ways in which these groups engage their members. 

​Our participation is driven and informed by many priorities including our need to be aware of developments affecting our business and many stakeholders. In our industry, trade groups offer a means to engage customers, comply with regulations, and much more.

​Regulators and Policy Makers

​We engage with regulators and policy makers at various local, national, and international levels through a variety of methods and functions within Grace including our site leaders, business leaders, government affairs and communications team, trade associations, and legal counsel.

​Grace’s engagement with regulators and policy makers is focused on ensuring compliance with laws and regulations affecting our business in jurisdictions around the world. Relationships are often collaborative and subject to disclosure under a variety of reporting standards.


​Members of the news media can subscribe to news alerts through our website, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and contact us directly through our website. We distribute news in compliance with SEC requirements and to general business and trade outlets around the world using a third-party news distribution service. 

​News about our business and financial performance is supplemented by social media content related to our communities, our employees, job opportunities, conference participation, product news, emergency communications, and more.


​​Multiple channels are available for those who wish to reach us online. You can contact us through our website, by way of Twitter and LinkedIn where we tell our story, report developments, and welcome feedback.

​From product information and employment opportunities to supplier relations, charitable giving and even our long history, our dialogue with our online stakeholders is wide-ranging, constant, global, and very dynamic.

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For all non-product related inquiries including:

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