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Supply Chain



​At Grace, we strive to create value for our business partners as well as our customers, in a safe and healthy work environment in compliance with all regulatory requirements. We recognize the vital role vendors and suppliers play in helping us meet the needs of our customers, so we seek to foster healthy and mutually beneficial supplier and vendor relationships. Our robust supply chain spans a global, diverse supplier base built upon solid, long-term partnerships.

Worldwide, we work with thousands of direct and indirect suppliers to help us deliver quality products, maintain our competitiveness, and manage our costs. We collaborate with our suppliers to reduce end-to-end supply chain costs through joint initiatives and we always keep communication lines open. We leverage technology and promote the use of e-commerce tools to enable efficient business processes and achieve results faster.

Grace's policy requires that all third parties who provide products or services to Grace act in compliance with Grace's Supplier Code of Conduct and adopt practices that are consistent with it. 

Green Logistics

Grace has partnered with major logistics providers to assess our suppliers' Environment, Social and Governance Performance.  We partner with our logistics providers to conduct route optimization across air, rail, road and ocean transport lanes, creating more efficient and sustainable transportation networks, ultimately reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Supplier Code of Conduct