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Values, Ethics, and Governance



Grace has evolved in countless ways since the company was founded in 1854. We have been influenced by the many companies we've acquired—including Davison Chemical Co., with roots back to 1832—and by the many markets we have served. Grace began as a Latin American shipping company and later entered the banking, airlines, packaging, and specialty chemicals industries, among many others. By the 1980s, W. R. Grace & Co. had become a global conglomerate with businesses ranging from concrete and chocolate to restaurants and hardware stores.  Today, we are a focused, global, specialty chemicals company and a world leader in catalysts and specialty silica products.

Despite change, there has been continuity and learning as well. Only nine Chief Executive Officers have led the company since 1854. Many employees have remained with Grace for decades. We have learned from what has come before; from our successes and from our mistakes.

So, we welcome your interest in today's W. R. Grace & Co. This introduction to our commitments and views on Values, Ethics, and Conduct is just a beginning.