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Innovative Products to Meet Our Customers' Sustainability Objectives




Our customers rely on Grace to help them meet their sustainability objectives. Our products and technical services improve the efficiency of our customers' processes, reduce energy or water use, cut harmful emissions, conserve material inputs, and reduce waste. Our technologies enable our customers to make products that meet the toughest environmental standards, or to reformulate products to address rising consumer and regulatory expectations for sustainability, human health, and safety.  

Over the past decade, we have instituted and refined our Product Innovation and Strategic Marketing (PrISM)  process to develop new products. We look holistically at the value propositions of products under development, including the environmental and energy impacts and benefits associated with their manufacture as well as their use, to more comprehensively enhance sustainability in the value we deliver.

As part of the PrISM process for new products, we assess potential health and safety risks, how to train our personnel and our customer end-users to use safely, regulatory requirements and how to handle waste, how to label to communicate any risks, how to transport with no impact to the environment, and assess the potential for intentional or unintentionally misuse the product.  For each product, we also consider sustainability issues about the efficient use of natural resources and energy, whether we can use a less hazardous raw materials, and the full life cycle of the product, including disposal, recycling. 

Our business presidents ultimately are responsible for the PrISM process and ensure that new Grace products, or new applications of existing products are assessed using the PrISM process.