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A Refined View of Environmental Additives 

HP Refined View: Deliver High Levels of SOx Reduction with SOx Reduction Additives

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HP Refined View: Deliver High Levels of SOx Reduction with SOx Reduction Additives

Watch the video

Watch the video

EMISSCIAN™ Technology Delivers High Levels of SOx Reduction

SOX reduction additives have long been established in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units as a reliable and cost-effective technology solution to help refineries reduce sulfur and remain in SOX emission compliance. Advances in SOX reduction additives made by Grace provides refiners with an opportunity to maintain compliance with lower operating expenses through reduced SOX additive usage rates or caustic consumption in Wet Gas Scrubbing.

EMISSCIAN™ additive, a new FCC SOX reduction additive, is based on Grace’s renowned DESOX® technology platform and is the result of an additional processing step to improve its physical properties. Compared to the previous Super DESOX® additive, the new EMISSCIAN™ additive boasts improved cerium and vanadium dispersion across the additive particle, as well as increased magnesium aluminate spinel content, both of which bring significant improvement in SOX reduction performance.

More than 20 refiners worldwide successfully switched from alternative technologies to EMISSCIAN™ technology. The additive has been demonstrated to be very effective in both partial and full burn applications. Read more about the successful switch from a competitor SOX additive technology at the BP Rotterdam refinery, a full-burn application, in the Sept. issue of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine.

Colin Baillie, Grace’s FCC Environmental Additives Manager, speaks with Hydrocarbon Processing Editor, Lee Nichols, in a “Refined View” video interview about this article and EMISSCIAN™ technology. 

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