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SYLOID® Silica Matting Agents

SYLOID® silicas matting agents provide exceptional performance across a broad range of applications

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Remarkably natural matte finishes

SYLOID® amorphous silica matting agents offer exceptional performance when used in wood coatings, coil and general industrial coatings, and architectural coatings. Our amorphous silica matting agents are synthetically engineered and are exceptionally pure. By controlling pore volume, particle size, and surface treatments, we have created a portfolio of matting agents that offer exceptional performance across a broad range of applications.
SYLOID® silicas are safe and easy to use. They do not contain crystalline silica, which is a major health concern in the industry.

Product line

Our product line includes a broad range of grades, each uniquely engineered to support the needs of your application and technology. 

Matting agents for wood coatings

To achieve the desired look and warm feel of natural wood, formulators are driving to lower matting levels in their finishes. SYLOID® matting agents are recommended in order to help achieve low gloss levels while maintaining good film performance.

  • UV or hybrid UV/water: SYLOID® RAD silica series
  • Waterborne: SYLOID® AQ silica series, SYLOID® W silica series, SYLOID® 7000 silica
  • Solvent-based: SYLOID® ED and C Silica Series

Matting agents for coil and general industrial coatings

Get smooth, matte finishes for your roofing, ceiling, siding, and appliance applications with SYLOID® coil and general industrial matting agents.

  • Delivering superior performance where film shrinkage during drying is minimal: SYLOID® MX silica series
  • Great matting performance without effecting Retain adequate catalyst activity and cure response: SYLOID® CAT 11 silica
  • Ultra-low gloss systems: SYLOID® C silica series
  • Thick film systems: SYLOID® 621* and 622 silica
  • General industrial applications: SYLOID® ED silica series
*Not available in North America

Matting agents for architectural coatings

Meeting the highly technical challenges of matting architectural coatings with very low gloss and sheen values while maintaining film integrity can be achieved by using SYLOID® architectural silicas in your formulation.

  • All architectural systems: SYLOID® A silica series, SYLOID® 621 and 622 silica
  • Waterborne: SYLOID® W silica series

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