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SYLOID® Mesoporous Silica

SYLOID® mesoporous silicas have been trusted solutions for drug formulations for decades

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SYLOID® mesoporous silica: Multifunctional excipients

We can fine-tune parameters such as pore volume, pore diameter, pore size distribution, and internal surface area to modify the functionality and meet your exact requirements.

Our SYLOID® FP and SYLOID® XDP silica excipients are strategic drug development tools in today’s challenging pharmaceutical industry with its demands for improved formulations, bringing new drugs to market faster, and technological advances.

SYLOID® FP silica’s unique, innovative design combines adsorption capacity, particle size, density, and internal surface area to provide multifunctional benefits or optimize an application. This helps minimize the number of excipients used and the complexity of formulations while expediting manufacturing, ultimately improving the efficacy of the final dosage form.

SYLOID® Silicas are used in a wide range of applications such as

  • Moisture protection
  • Reduction of (tribo-)electrostatic charging/flow improvement
  • Moisture-Assisted Dry Granulation (MADG)
  • Oil absorption in lipid-based technologies (SEDDS)

SYLOID® XDP Silica for Oily Actives

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SYLOID® XDP Silica for Oily Actives

See how Grace’s SYLOID® XDP silica is designed for use with oily APIs and provides high oil absorption capacity, allowing oily actives to be easily be processed into a free-flowing powder

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Watch video

SYLOID® mesoporous silica excipients for solving multiple manufacturing and formulation challenges

SYLOID® AL-1FP/63FP silicas control trace amounts of moisture and moisture transfer from the surrounding environment that can chemically degrade APIs or cause reactions that negatively impact drugs or decrease shelf life.

SYLOID® 244 FP silica is a veritable multipurpose excipient. It offers moisture protection and anti-tacking properties, acts as a glidant, and can be used as a suspension aid in tablet coatings.

SYLOID® XDP silica carrier is an optimized mesoporous carrier engineered for transforming liquids to free-flowing solids, particularly oily actives and lipid-based systems.

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