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Additive solutions for anti-caking agents, carriers, exfoliating silicas, UV blocking agents, and viscosity modifiers

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Multi-functional Additives for Personal Care Formulations

The cosmetic industry requires nimble product innovation to meet quickly evolving customer demands and retail trends. Grace’s SYLOID® silica and SYLOSIV® zeolite powder deliver multi-functional benefits by offering a wide range of qualities to enhance formulations and help you deliver superior products within the cosmetics industry.

Grace creates micronized silica particles with highly-defined pore structures, resulting in porosity that can be tailored to specific needs. That means fewer formulation ingredients, simplified manufacturing, and superior product performance. 

Anti-Caking Agents​​

Keeping products from caking during processing and storage is critical to providing a quality product to your customer. Grace’s SYLOID® and PERKASIL® silicas can act as anti-caking and free-flowing agents and serve the following functions:

  • Prevent clumping
  • Maintain free-flow behavior
  • Improve processability and homogeneity
  • Control moisture

Extend the shelf life of powdered feed products and ingredients


The main challenge in oil-based formulations is converting oily solutions and liquid formulations into compressible solid or semi-solid formulations. SYLOID® XDP silicas have been specifically designed for converting lipids, oily drugs, and drugs in oil solutions into free-flowing powders. They can be effective as adsorbents in techniques such as solid dispersion, semi-solids, and in lipid-based technologies such as self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS).

Exfoliating Silica​​s

Exfoliants have become popular to promote the shedding of dead skin cells and help improve skin's texture and youthful appearance, and to remove debris to prevent clogged pores and blemishes. Grace's odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert synthetic micronized silicas are an innovative alternative to polyethylene microbeads and other microplastics for mild exfoliation in cleansing products.

Multi-functional benefits include:

  • High Purity
  • High Particle Integrity for Efficient Exfoliating
  • Easily Dispersed
  • Suitable for Clear Gel Formulations
  • Controlled Density​​

UV Blocking Agents​​

In sunscreen formulations, the pore structure and surface characteristics of SYLOID® silica allow it to be utilized to enhance product properties such as skin-feel and film consistency. SYLOID® silicas can be effectively utilized in emulsions, especially in High-Sun Protection Factor (SPF) formulations comprised of a water-in-oil emulsion. Due to its internal porosity, hydrophilic surface, and fine particle size, SYLOID® silicas are effectively wetted by both oil and water, making them highly compatible with these systems.

SYLOID® silica function in sun care formulations:

  • Non-Greasy Skin Feel
  • Residual Skin Film Uniformity

Viscosity Modifiers​​

Grace’s SYLOID® silicas can be used to achieve the desired consistency, silky texture, mattifying, and soft focus effects in liquid and cream formulations. Unlike waxes and polymers, SYLOID® silicas can be used to effectively prevent softening under elevated temperature conditions in solid formulations like lipsticks and other cosmetic products. Their viscosity behavior is not affected by pH and ionic strength and/or polyvalent ions.

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