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ActivCat® Catalysts

A breakthrough activation technology designed to enhance your plant and catalyst performance.  

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A versatile metallocene catalyst supporting PE and PP platforms

ActivCat® Catalyst is an MAO-based activation technology for metallocene single-site finished catalysts, supporting both PE and PP platforms.

Grace ActivCat® Catalyst Overview

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Grace ActivCat® Catalyst Overview

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Watch the video

Grace is an industry leader in activation technology, and ActivCat® catalyst is no exception. ActivCat® catalyst enhances the performance of metallocene catalyst systems while sustaining or advancing the original polymer properties.

Today's markets are more demanding and dynamic than ever before. Your customers are seeking differentiation in their end products like stronger and lighter packaging, better opticals and organoleptics, and materials that are more environmentally friendly (e.g. lower VOCs in PP).

These advanced polyolefin resin targets can be achieved with our metallocene-based ActivCat® catalyst technology. The mPE resins made with ActivCat® catalyst enable improved flexible food packaging, agriculture films, stand-up pouches, and lamination films.  

The ActivCat® catalyst advantage

Grace's ActivCat® catalysts deliver significant advantages over Ziegler-Natta and traditional single-site catalyst platforms, providing polyethylene resins with density and melt index (MI) capabilities ideally suited for all major applications for mPE, including pipe (PE-RT), blown film, cast film, and rotomolding.

Our mPP ActivCat® catalyst systems deliver superior product performance due to extremely narrow molecular weight distribution and high hydrogen response.  The benefits are seen in increased impact strength and toughness, better melt characteristics, and improved clarity in films.   Applications include fibers, medical, thermoforming, cast film, injection molding and flow modifiers in compounding.

Applications - our areas of strength and versatility

Polyethylene for Raised Temperature (PE-RT)

ActivCat® catalysts technology has been proven at a commercial scale to produce PE-RT I pipe grade resins with excellent plant operability and consistent polymer performance.

ActivCat® catalyst PE-RT benefits:

  • Sustainable material choice for pipes
  • Installation flexibility
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Cleaner polymer
  • Highly durable pipe

Blown film

Industry-leading toughness, excellent sealability, superior optics—ActivCat® catalyst metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE) films are tougher and exhibit better optics versus the competitors’ Ziegler–Natta catalyst linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) film.

In flexible food packaging, secondary benefits such as increased shelf life and minimized food waste add to the performance of this film. In agriculture, film benefits include enhanced crop yields by protecting against external weather ailments.

Cast film

The tailored molecular weight distribution and short chain branching distribution of ActivCat® catalysts yield a superior balance of properties and processing in the creation of cast film. Whether used neat or blended with other polymers, ActivCat® catalyst metallocene polyethylene (mPE) maintains high performance across monolayer and multilayer cast film applications.

The monolayer and multilayer mLLDPE cast films are commonly used in high-performance stretch film application to help contain difficult loads during transportation and in diapers to deliver unparalleled hygiene protection and personal discretion.

The right catalyst for your process technology 

Often, the integration of metallocenes into a reactor system can be challenging. From catalyst transitions to reactor continuity due to electrostatics to product performance, it requires the right catalyst tailored for your process and the right partner to help you guide your way through the integration.

Grace's ActivCat® catalysts are designed with these goals in mind, and our customer-centric focus makes for a solid partnership.  Commercially demonstrated to economically produce resins ranging from LLDPE films to higher density PE-RT resins, ActivCat® catalysts can broaden your mPE metallocene product slate.  

The benefits of ActivCat® catalysts

Our ActivCat® catalyst family has been proven across multiple polymerization platforms where it has enabled the design of novel resins not possible with other traditional metallocene systems.

Whether you’re looking for a new resin to be able to meet your customer’s requirements and demands, or if you’re interested in improving your overall product performance, ActivCat® catalyst is there to meet your needs.

The benefits of ActivCat® Catalysts include: 

  • Security of supply – with a large global footprint that includes multiple global supply points we can supply ActivCat® catalysts when you need it
  • Enabling a Diversified Portfolio – an ideal solution for customers that want to diversify their resin slates and gain access to premium resins
  • Positive sustainability impact:  Lower catalyst consumption - Less resource-intensive
  • Enhancing Customer Innovation – Ability to create a broad range of components and packaging options
  • Access to Experts – Our customer Technical Service Team provides our customers assistance in Product Stewardship, Safety and Handling Best Practices, and trial preparation

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