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Formulation Excipients

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Uniquely functional excipients

Imagine what you could do working with a partner who can engineer products to your exact specifications and minimize the number of excipients and complexity of your formulation, while expediting manufacturing and improving the efficacy and stability of your API's final dosage form or nutraceutical product.

SYLOID® FP Silicas: Improving Flow Properties of Active Ingredients and Diluents

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SYLOID® FP Silicas: Improving Flow Properties of Active Ingredients and Diluents

Watch the video

Watch the video

Discover how SYLOID® 244 FP silica improves flow properties of active ingredients, such as those in acetaminophen.

Our SYLOID® mesoporous silicas and PERKASIL® silica have unique combinations of particle properties.

We can fine-tune parameters such as pore volume, pore diameter, pore size distribution, and internal surface area to modify the functionality and meet your exact requirements.

  • SYLOID® AL-1FP/63FP silicas control trace amounts of moisture and moisture transfer from the surrounding environment which can degrade APIs or cause reactions that negatively impact drugs or decrease shelf life.
  • SYLOID® 244 FP silica is a real multi-purpose excipient that can be used in all oral dosage drug forms and for tablet coating. It offers moisture protection, anti-tacking properties, and acts as a glidant and suspension aid.
  • SYLOID® XDP silica carrier is an optimized mesoporous material engineered for transforming liquids into free-flowing solids, particularly oily actives and lipid-based systems.
  • PERKASIL® precipitated silicas serve as anti-caking and free flow agents for vitamins, flavors, and fragrances. They are available in a range of grades to meet a wide variety of nutraceutical formulation requirements.

Trust our renowned quality and exacting standards

Grace has in-depth experience in the quality and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Grace's silica excipients meet ICH guidelines on elemental impurities, the test requirements of U.S. Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary (USP-NF) for Silicon Dioxide and European Pharmacopoeia for Silica, Colloidal Hydrated. SYLOID® silicas are also listed on the FDA inactive ingredient database. Additionally, we are proud to be foremost in Industry Leading Quality Standards (EXCiPACT® -GMP).

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