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Custom Pharmaceutical Silica Solutions

Chromatography, excipients, and active ingredient drug delivery technology

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Eliminate costly barriers, delays, and unforeseen complications

Grace offers unmatched quality and reproducibility of our chromatography resins, formulation excipients, and active ingredient delivery technologies. 

Our extensive experience with the stringent regulatory and quality requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, technical capabilities, customer service, global presence, and culture of continuous innovation round out a partnership you can trust in today’s dynamic pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Chromatography resins

Our portfolio of chromatographic resins offers:

  • Improved performance – easier column filling and reliability
  • Predictable scale-up – suitable from discovery to commercial production
  • Exceptional product reliability, higher loading capacity, and overall higher compound purity
  • A wide range of grades in various pore diameter and particle sizes
  • Enhance accuracy, productivity, and efficiency
  • Useful in the detection, separation, and purification of viral RNA or human DNA

Formulation excipients

Offering a unique combination of properties, our SYLOID® and PERKASIL® silicas are the ideal solution for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulators looking to bring new products to market faster, at high quality, and with no impurities. 

Discover the difference Grace excipients can make through:

  • Highly defined pore structures: internal porosities that deliver outstanding adsorption, equal particle size distribution and increased internal surface area for functionality
  • Greater density particles: reduce dust and achieve more compact storage
  • Customization: pore volume, diameter, size distribution and internal surface area fine-tuned to your exact requirements
  • Made according to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines, with EXCiPACT® certification. SYLOID® silicas are also patented and listed on the FDA inactive ingredient database.

Active ingredient delivery technology

Accelerate the screening and development of your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations with active ingredient delivery technology that combines Grace’s extensive experience in mesoporous silica gel, novel application methods, and patent-pending technologies.

From enhanced bioavailability to sustained stability, Grace’s SYLOID® and SILSOL® silicas support the development of flavoring agents in addition to improved product stability and shelf life.

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