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U.S.-Based CDMO

Two domestic U.S. facilities

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Grace’s FCMS has been synonymous with the delivery of high-value APIs and other drug substance materials for over 40 years. Two significant factors have played a major part in this long-term, consistent presence in the pharmaceutical ingredients market – the consistent delivery of our two domestic U.S. facilities, and long, average tenure among our scientific and operational personnel.

Continuity of knowledge

Grace's FCMS leadership team and many of the senior members of staff that you will encounter at our South Haven, Michigan, and Tyrone, Pennsylvania sites have twenty, thirty, or even forty years’ experience. Not only have they spent a career with our company building a wealth of experience that is delivered directly to your project, but it means that if you have worked with us in the past, some of those same team members are likely to bring continuity of knowledge to a project today.

Program management

Program management is an integral driver in Grace FCMS’s ability to deliver custom APIs on time and to the highest quality. Our program managers lead and coordinate all aspects of custom projects, ensuring that you are integrated into our team, communication is responsive and transparent, and all deliverables are clearly understood by everyone and executed on time.

Experienced teams

AT both of our locations, there are average tenures across the workforce of more than a decade. The team working on your project – from Ph.D.’s, scientists and engineers to project managers, lab personnel and operators – has a significant stretch of time working together.

New talent continually supplements this experience; our team in South Haven grew by more than 20% in 2018. This new generation brings fresh ideas and perspectives.

The benefit that experience brings to your project is intangible but undeniable. From risk mitigation and problem-solving perspective, Grace FCMS tenure helps to progress your project faster, define the right path forward successfully, avoid setbacks in process and time, and deliver competitive advantage.

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