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The ActivCat® Catalyst Advantage: Using Metallocene PE for Blown Film

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Discover the superior performance of ActivCat® catalysts compared to Ziegler Natta LLDPE

In today’s ever-changing and demanding market, plastics producers are being asked for resins that will provide stronger and lighter food packaging and materials that are more environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for a new resin to be able to meet your customer’s requirements and demands, or if you’re interested in improving your overall product performance, ActivCat® catalyst is there to meet your needs.

Our ActivCat® catalyst family has been proven across multiple polymerization platforms where it has enabled the design of novel resins not possible with other traditional metallocene systems.

Grace's ActivCat® catalysts deliver significant advantages over Ziegler-Natta and traditional single-site catalyst platforms, providing polyethylene resins with density and melt index (MI) capabilities ideally suited for all major applications for mPE.

One such application is the use of blown film mLLDPE grades that can be used for a variety of flexible applications including food packaging, stand up pouches, heavy-duty shipping sacks, vertical and horizontal form fill seal packages, sealant webs, laminations films, greenhouse films, mulch films, multilayer packaging film, premium trash bags and trash can liners.

Our ActivCat® catalyst uses a unique balance of properties and processability to differentiate mPE grades versus Ziegler Natta PE (ZN-PE) or Chromium catalyst-based PE (Cr-PE) resins. This technology has been proven at commercial scale to produce low gel mLLDPE film grades, enhance plant operability, and consistently maintain polymer performance. 

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