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ActivCat® Catalyst Technologies for PE-RT - A Cleaner and More Flexible Alternative

Innovation using metallocene Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) for pipe applications

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Using ActivCat® catalysts to produce PE-RT 

ActivCat® catalysts enable high performance polyethylene pipe grades offering the traditional benefits of polyethylene resin with high temperature resistance.

Designed for your metallocene PE product slate, Grace’s ActivCat® catalysts are ideally suited to produce high-density PE-RT resins. PE-RT refers to high-performance polyethylene pipe grades that are specifically designed to provide long term hydrostatic strength at elevated application temperatures without the need for crosslinking. The elimination of the crosslinking step makes the pipe fabrication process simpler, cost-effective, less energy intensive, and chemical modification free.

The result is a cleaner polymer that can be used to make more sustainable pipes and is suitable for transporting liquids and gases that need high purity levels. Additionally, ActivCat® catalyst PE-RT provides installation and manufacturing flexibility as non-crosslinked pipes can be post-welded.  It also provides higher pipe production throughput as the crosslinking step is eliminated from the process.

ActivCat® catalysts are specifically designed to provide long-term hydrostatic strength at elevated application temperatures without the need for crosslinking. This catalyst technology has been proven at commercial scale to produce PE-RT I pipe grade resins with excellent plant operability and consistent polymer performance. 

Sustainable material choice for pipes

ActivCat® Catalysts for polyethylene for raised temperature have a clean process and are less energy intensive compared to PEX with no chemical modification or curing during crosslink. 

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