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Colloidal Silica Coatings in Food-Contact Applications

Download our latest eBook written in collaboration with the American Chemical Society and C&EN magazine.

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Crunch Time: The versatility of colloidal silica in coatings come to the fore in packaging potato chips

In collaboration with the American Chemical Society and C&EN magazine, our exclusive eBook highlights how silica-based coatings improve product performance in potato chip packaging.

Food-packaging researchers continue to explore ways in which nanotechnology drives increased product performance in food packaging. In partnership with C&EN magazine, this eBook highlights the diverse ways in which colloidal silica can support the delivery of a fresh and aesthetically pleasing product to grocery store shelves.

  • Better Barricades to Oxygen: Colloidal silica prevents oxidation reactions and microorganism growth by creating a critical barrier against oxygen and moisture.
  • Packaging with a Pretty Face: The printability-enhancing properties of colloidal silica deliver a high-gloss, vibrant result, which drives consumer appeal.
  • Antiblocking Properties Drive Efficiency: Colloidal silica’s antiblocking effect is so strong, it can prevent large rolls of warm polymer food-packaging film from sticking.

Built on more than half a century of technical and manufacturing expertise, Grace’s LUDOX® colloidal silica has earned a reputation for tightly controlled specifications and reliable, consistent quality, making it the preferred brand for high-performance applications. Cited in over 35,000 patents and an abundance of existing successful applications including catalysts, investment casting binders, coatings and refractory additives, LUDOX® colloidal silicas still have considerable untapped potential with new and innovative uses continuing to emerge.

Instead of an ink laying down on a nonpolar polyolefin surface, now you’ve got an ink laying down on colloidal silica…that’s a very different chemistry.

David Chapman

Research Fellow, W. R. Grace & Co

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