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Inspirational Women in Engineering

Stories of innovation and impact

In the fast-paced world we live in, where engineering and innovation shape our daily lives, it's essential to recognize the remarkable women engineers who play a pivotal role in creating the products we rely on. Everything from food packaging to pharmaceuticals to renewable diesel is touched by Grace’s products. We rely on the intelligence, problem-solving and hard work of our women engineers to support lives and livelihoods every day.

By sharing the stories and insights of these exceptional women, we aim to inspire and empower future generations to pursue careers in engineering and STEM fields, and to break down barriers that still exist. Through their intelligence, passion, and dedication, these women are leaving a lasting impact on society, reminding us that everyone, regardless of gender, has the potential to shape a brighter future through engineering and innovation.

If you're passionate about engineering, innovation, and being part of a diverse and talented workforce, we invite you to explore career opportunities at Grace. Visit our job opportunities page to discover exciting roles where you can contribute to our mission:

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Sarita, Strategic Initiatives Manager for Global Operations


“Being a woman in STEM means being an advocate to support not only other women in this field, but also those in other professions that support STEM-driven industries. With a background in engineering, I lead change that contributes to technical advancements, product development, and projects that make it a safer place to live and work. I’m able to empower other women and be a change agent in the workplace -- ensuring we hire and retain a diverse and talented workforce that is passionate about STEM.”


“To be a woman in STEM, and particularly in engineering, means not being afraid to be a leader and to show that anything is possible. I appreciate that while I am one of the few women and the only Black woman in my group, I am valued, and I know that I belong.”

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Michelle, Research Engineer, Materials Technologies

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Yuying, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist FCC R&D


“Women have made, and will continue to make, important contributions in STEM. We’re capable, smart and we innovate needed resources that are essential for the world and our everyday lives.”


“I hope to lead by example and show young girls, especially my 6-year-old daughter and girls from my community back home, that girls can do anything that boys can do when they are given an equal opportunity. Generations of women globally never had the chances that my daughter’s generation will have to engage in science, and I cherish all the women working in STEM now and before, who paved the way!”

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Shankhamala, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Refining Technologies

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Noelle, Research & Development Engineer, Materials Technologies


“Being a woman in STEM is empowering. To see women in leadership roles within Grace is inspirational.

The thing I love most about working at Grace is the diversity of individuals in the R&D function and the group’s willingness to support each other to drive innovation forward. Each individual brings a strength that collectively leads to success.”


"Being a woman in STEM is about breaking through stereotypes and proving that greatness knows no gender. Women bring unique perspectives and innovative solutions to the table, enriching the field with diversity and creativity. At Grace, I find immense joy in utilizing my expertise to ensure that engineering designs promote safe manufacturing processes, minimizing the impact on both people and the environment. It's about making a positive difference while doing what I love."

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Shirley, Licensing Technical Sales/Project Manager

Interested in starting a career at Grace? Visit the careers site to view open positions.

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