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UNIPOL® PP Technology Delivers Plant Lifetime Performance™

Grace is a global leader in polypropylene technology
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Grace will be a trusted advisor in your journey from initial polypropylene plant design to plant commissioning to ongoing process optimization and future capacity expansions.

For more than 30 years, UNIPOL® polypropylene technology has provided organizations around the world with a state-of-the-art engineering design, a dedicated team with deep, hands-on operational knowledge, and hundreds of available product grades with advanced properties.  Our team strives to ensure that UNIPOL® PP licensees can meet their specific polypropylene product requirements, production targets, and maximize their success in a highly competitive and growing market with a holistic understanding of the PP value chain. This knowledge provides unparalleled support when designing, commissioning, and operating your plant.

Our superior technology services

After selecting UNIPOL® PP technology, licensees can be confident in our ability and commitment to advise them for the lifetime of their plant.  We achieve this by leveraging our decades of expertise in plant operations, engineering, manufacturing, and by consulting with the operators of currently more than 65 reactor lines around the world.

The UNIPOL® PP technical services team is with you every step of the way - including on-site support.  We have trained over one thousand plant operators and engineers across the globe and provide a comprehensive training program to support your business pre-startup to successful production launch.

Our team can provide plant performance audits to identify projects that will optimize your plant and your products. And our experts can deliver standard or customized service packages through our unique PPartner Program™ to enhance your individual performance and unlock future potential.

Our UNIPOL UNIPPAC® process control software is specifically designed for UNIPOL® polypropylene plants. With a foundation of chemical engineering principles, containing both advanced process control (APC) technology and critical operating parameters, UNIPOL UNIPPAC® control software is fundamentally the best control and optimization solution for UNIPOL® PP licensees to achieve peak plant performance.

As a leading independent PP technology and catalyst provider, we are dedicated to bringing continuous innovations to our customers.  With a broad spectrum of product applications from homopolymer, random copolymer, and impact copolymers, Grace and the UNIPOL® PP technology will deliver value for you as your market needs change.

Global population growth and changing consumer buying behaviors are fueling the demand for polyolefin-based consumer products like polypropylene.  Polypropylene demand is expected to experience 4-5% compound annual growth over the next five years.  This is driven by robust end-use market growth in consumer packaging and products, housewares, food packaging, construction, medical products and automotive components.  Consequently, to meet the demand, Grace continues to license numerous UNIPOL® PP plants each year and commits to be a trusted advisor for each new licensee.

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