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SmART® Catalyst System

​Advanced Refining Technologies (ART) first introduced the SmART Catalyst System® (Sulfur minimization by ART ​for ultra low sulfur diesel in 2001.  Since that time, the technology has been widely accepted by the refining industry as top ​​tier. The first SmART System began operation early in 2004 at a North American refinery processing a feed containing 40% of a high endpoint LCO.  Since then DX catalysts have been selected for numerous applications as either stand-alone catalysts or as components in a SmART system. One of the keys to the success of the technology has been the application of high activity catalysts such as CDXi, 420DX, NDXi, 590DX and 591DX into the system.  ART has continued to devote significant resources to the development of higher activity catalysts, and this effort has resulted in the recent commercialization of 425DX (CoMo) and 545DX (NiMo).  These catalysts represent the third generation of DX catalysts and offer refiners unparalleled performance for production of ULSD.