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Grace Catalagram®

Fall 2014 through Fall 2007


Catalagram 115 - Fall 2014


Topics in this issue include :

A new method to characterize ZSM-5 based materials is introduced

Leading the way with UNIPOL® Polypropylene Process Technology

Grace FCC and ART HPC experts address market trends and answer questions submitted to the 2014 AFPM Q&A and Technology Forum held in Denver, Colorado

FCC additives offer an attractive alternative to reduce SOx emissions

Grace's catalyst management solutions stand up to the challenge at the Sohar RFCC unit

Catalagram 114-Spring 2014

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Individual Articles:

Processing Tight Oils in FCC: Issues, Opportunities and Flexible Catalytic Solutions

Tight Oil Distillate in ULSD Production, What To Expect?

Two Companies Joined to Develop a Catalytic Solution for Bottoms Upgrading to Diesel in the FCC Unit

Meeting Tier 3 Gasoline Sulfur Regulations

Catalagram 113-Spring 2013

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Individual Articles:

Flexible Pilot Plant Technology for Evaluation of Unconventional Feedstocks and Processes

Rive Molecular HighwayTM Catalyst Delivers Over $2.50/bbl Uplift at Alon's Big Spring, Texas Refinery

Custom Catalyst Systems for Higher Yields of Diesel

Catalagram 112-Fall 2012

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Individual Articles:

Enhanced Bottoms Cracking and Process Flexibility with MIDAS® FCC Catalyst

REMEDY® Catalyst Delivers Performance at Reduced Rare-Earth Levels

Stabilize Catalyst Circulation with FLOWMOTION® FCC Fluidization Additive

Predict FCCU Performance with Laboratory Testing

Answers to the 2012 AFPM Q&A Questions

Catalagram 111-Spring 2012

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Individual Articles:

Alternatives to Rare Earth - Commercial Evaluation of REpLaCeR® FCC Catalysts at Montana Refining Company

Maximize Distillate Yield to Meet Growing Market Demand

Improve Wet Gas Scrubber Economics with Super DESOX® Additives

Improve Contaminant Metals Flushing with TITAN™

Maximize Yields of High Quality Diesel

Catalagram 110-Fall 2011

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Individual Articles:

Optimizing FCC Operations in a High Rare-Earth Cost World: Commercial Update on Grace Davison's Low and Zero Rare-Earth FCC Catalysts

Commercial Demonstration of Resid Ultra Catalyst in a Resid Processing Application at S-Oil Corporation

Two Great Organizations United by a Catalyst

FCC Catalyst Age Distribution Optimization Leads to Improved Profitability

2011 NPRA Q&A Answers

Catalagram 109-Spring 2011

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Individual Articles:

Jointly Developed FCC Catalysts with Novel Mesoporous Zeolite Deliver Higher Yields and Economic Value to Refiners

The Development of Rare-Earth Free FCC Catalysts

A New Generation of Super DESOX® Additive

ResidUltraTM: Low RE Catalyst Technology for Resid Processing Applications

Worldwide FCC Equilibrium Catalyst Trends

GDNOXTM 1 Additive - Grace Davison's Next Generation NOx Reduction Additive

Improving FCC Economics with Light Olefins Additives

Higher Profits from Higher Sulfur

Grace Davison's EZTM Loader Additive Injection System

Balancing the Need for Low Sulfur FCC Products and Increasing FCC LCO Yields by Applying Advanced Technology for Cat Feed Hydrotreating

Catalagram 108-Fall 2010

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Individual Articles:

Alcyon™: New Catalyst Design for Maximum Activity and Conversion

Reducing Sulfur Oxide Emissions from the FCC Unit

OlefinsUltra® HZ Technology Improves Propylene Yields

The Role of the Rare Earth Elements in Fluid Catalytic Cracking

Answers to the 2010 NPRA Q&A FCC Questions

Low NOx FCC Promoter Optimization at CITGO Petroleum Corporation's Lake Charles Refinery

Catalagram 107-Spring 2010

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Individual Articles:

Grace's GENESIS® Catalyst Systems Provide Refiners the Flexibility to Capture Economic Opportunities

Development of Next Generation Low NOx Combustion Promoters Based on New Mechanistic Insights

Distillate Pool Maximization by Additional LCO Hydroprocessing

Salt Deposition in FCC Gas Concentration Units

Catalagram 106-Fall 2009

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Individual Articles:

Coke Selectivity Fundamentals

Trouble-Shooting FCC Standpipe Flow Problems

IMPACT®: A Breakthrough Technology for Resid Processing

Use Hydrogen in Coke Number to Determine Coke Make Accuracy

Clean Fuels: An Opportunity for Profitability Using Gasoline Sulfur Reduction Technology

Catalagram 105-Spring 2009

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Individual Articles:

Recycle Strategies and MIDAS®-300 for Maximizing FCC Light Cycle Oil

Distillate Pool Maximization by Exploiting the Use of Opportunity Feedstocks Such as LCO and Syncrude

Characterization and Catalytic Cracking of Synthetic Crude Feedstocks

Factors Influencing ULSD Product Color

Catalagram 104-Fall 2008

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Individual Articles:

Maximizing FCC Light Cycle Oil Operating Strategies: Introducing MIDAS®-300 Catalyst for Increased Selectivity

Maximizing ULSD Unit Performance when Processing LCO and Other Previously Processed Feeds

Grace Issues New Shipping Guidlines for Hydrocarbon Samples

Answers to Questions from the 2008 NPRA Q&A Session - FCC Section

Catalagram 103-Spring 2008

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Individual Articles:

New Opportunities for Co-Processing Renewable Feeds in Refinery Processes

GENESISTM Catalyst Commercial Update

Effect of Hydrocarbon Partial Pressure on Propylene Production in the FCC

Meet Clean Fuels Challenges with Advanced Refining Technologies Newest ULSD Catalysts – ART 420DX™

Successful Implementation of State-of-the-Art ULSD/Dewaxing Technology at Irving Oil, Saint John, NB

Catalagram 102-Fall 2007

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Individual Articles:

The GENESISTM Catalyst System

GSR Products Maintain Excellent Performance When Used with Olefins Additives

Worldwide FCC Equilibrium Catalyst Trends: A Ten-Year Review

The Effects of Treat Gas H2 Purity on ULSD Catalyst Performance

Catalytic FCC Gasoline Sulfur Reduction: Mechanism of Sulfur Reduction