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​​​Collaborating with Grace to Combat Iron Poisoning in the FCCU

The growth in domestic crude production, specifically tight oils, mean new challenges for refiners. A number of crudes from newly developed fields have elevated levels of iron. Now, iron poisoning in the FCCU – once an isolated phenomena when processing opportunity crudes – is impacting the profitability of more operations.

Even with dynamic global crude prices, processing of domestic shale oils remains a part of the refining landscape in many regions. Grace has a long history of partnering with customers to turn challenges like these into solutions for the industry.  


Find out more about how Grace worked with a North American refiner​y to:

  • manage unconventional contaminant metals;​​
  • minimize the consequences those metals can have on FCC unit operation;
  • combat loss in fuels selectivity, unstable circulation, and reduced bottom-of-the-barrel conversion; and
  • avoid lower margins across the FCCU.
Request a copy of the case study by emailing​.