MTO-942x250.jpg​​​​Generating Value with MTO Catalysts​

Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) is a relatively new route to producing light olefins from coal or methanol feedstocks used as an alternative to methods such as the naphtha cracking process and PDH (propane dehydrogenation). Grace, the global leader in materials science, has entered the market with MTO catalysts that help increase olefin yields and ethylene-to-propylene ratio while producing less C5+.

For more than 70 years, Grace has been the trusted leader in developing and producing FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and hydroprocessing catalysts. The similarity of FCC and MTO processes allows us to put our expertise to work for our customers in innovative ways.

With a significant investment in R&D, a world-class team of catalyst experts, and a flexible manufacturing system, we are continuing to work on future generations of MTO catalysts. Each new generation produced by Grace has delivered greater olefin yields in successful commercial trials, generating millions of dollars in additional value for our customers. 

Industry-Leading Technical Service 

At Grace, we provide industry-leading technical service and support when and where you need it. From R&D at our global headquarters in Columbia, MD, to a Global Customer Technology group working directly with clients, we take a customer-focused, solutions-oriented approach.

  • Start-up assistance
  • ECAT testing and analysis
  • Unit operation reviews and reports
  • Troubleshooting​

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