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Chemical Processing


Chromatography Media


Known for optimized chromatographic performance, improved capacity, high purity and stability of supply, Grace has nearly 100 years experience in silica engineering technology.

The DAVISIL® silica brand has become an industry standard for the purification of small to large molecules. DAVISIL® silica is produced at two ISO-9001 certificed facilities. Tight control of the silica’s chemical and structural properties from raw material to finished product distinguishes DAVISIL® silica’s lot-to-lot consistency and  reliable performance. A wide range of grades are available from 1kg to multi-ton quantities to meet your specific requirements.

As one of the first media platforms for reversed-phase protein and peptide separations, Grace’s VYDAC® media remains a trusted name in biopurification. VYDAC® media is known for its superior selectivity and recovery.

To complement our media offerings, Grace also offers innovative dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns and packing solutions such as MODCOL® SPRING® columns and MULTIPACKER® packing stations that maximize chromatographic performance and extend column lifetimes.

For a complete offering of Chromoatographic media, columns and packing solutions, please visit Preparative and Process Chromatography in the Pharma and Biotech section of our website.