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Welcome to Grace


Discovery Sciences

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for your interest in Grace products.

​Following the 2016 sale of certain product lines, Grace continues to offer DAVISIL® and VYDAC® chromatographic media, SYLOID® FP​ and SYLOID® XDP silica excipients, and Custom Manufacturing Services​ to the pharmaceutical industry.

The following products are no longer be available from Grace:
  • Flash Chromatography Instruments and Cartridges
  • ELSD Instrumentation
  • HPLC and Preparative Columns, Accessories, and Equipment
  • SPE Columns
  • Drug Standards
  • GC Columns, Accessories, and Equipment

Suppliers for Flash Chromatography, ELSD, and select HPLC and GC Columns, and SPE Cartridges

Flash Chromatography and ELSD

  • REVELERIS® Purification Systems
  • GraceRESOLV and REVELERIS® Flash Cartridges
  • ALLTECH®​ 3300 ELSD
Please contact: Buchi Corporation
Phone: +41.71.394.63.63

Select Chromatography Media
  • EXSIL and EXMERE Media
Select ALLTECH® Analytical HPLC Columns
  • ALLSPHERE Columns
  • BRAVA Columns
  • GRACESMART® Columns
  • PLATINUM Columns
  • VISIONHT® Columns
MODcol® Preparative Columns, Packing Services and Equipment
  • MODcol® Flanged and SPRING® Preparative Columns
  • Preparative Column Packing Services (including VYDAC®​ media)
  • MULTIPACKER® Packing Equipment
​Please contact: Dr. Maisch GmbH
Phone: +49.7073.50357

VYDAC® and select ALLT​ECH® Analytical HPLC Column Brands

  • VYDAC® Everest Columns
  • VYDAC®​ MS Columns
  • VYDAC®​ TP Columns
  • ALLTIMA®Columns ​​
  • ALLTIMA®​ HP Columns
  • ALLSEP® IC Columns
  • APEX Columns
  • APOLLO Columns
  • GENESIS​ Columns
  • PREVAIL​ Columns
Please contact Hichrom, Ltd.
Phone:+44 (0) 118.930.3660

SPE Cartridge Brands

  • ​MAXI-CLEAN​ SPE Cartridges
  • EXTRACT-CLEAN​ SPE Cartridges
  • GRACEPURE SPE Cartridges
Please contact S*Pure Pte Ltd.

GC Capillary Column Brands
  • ​ALLTECH® HELIFLEX GC Capillary Columns
  • ALLTECH® ECONO-CAP GC Capillary Columns

Please contact Mega.

Alternate Suppliers for Discontinued Grace Products

Drug Standards

​Please contact LGC standards
GC Columns and LC/GC Accessories