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Values & Leadership


Opportunities to Grow and Lead 


In the Grace culture, we roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for ways to meet customer needs and move the company forward.  Our teams and our business segments work together, so it isn't long before employees are closely connected with ample opportunities to make a difference on a project or in an important role.  

We begin with our Vision, Purpose, and Values.  On this foundation, we have built a leadership strategy, spelling out the behaviors  we value in leaders and enabling each of us to see a clear path to growth.    

Our Vision

Grace strives to be a premier specialty chemical and materials company. We provide innovative technologies and value-added products and services around the world to enhance the quality of life.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to our customers. They trust us to provide products, knowledge, technologies, services, and the people to make their products work better.

Our Values

  • Teamwork: Treat each other with respect. Work safely and effectively with each other to win in the marketplace. Communicate openly and candidly.
  • Performance: Provide products and services that will make our customers successful.
  • Integrity: Maintain and expect the highest level of ethical behavior.
  • Speed: Work with a sense of urgency to meet our customers' needs.  Move quickly to seize opportunities in the marketplace. Anticipate market shifts and respond before our competitors.
  • Innovation: Encourage people to constantly look for new ways to create value.

Leadership Behaviors

Across Grace, every employee has the opportunity to lead.  And every successful Grace leader demonstrates core behaviors. 

  • Deliver Results:  Performance, outcomes, walking the talk, meeting commitments;  bottom-line-oriented Grace leaders can be counted on to exceed goals and consistently outperform.
  • Engage:  Grace leaders are engaged.  They are actively involved with and taking ownership for their teams' priorities, contributing ideas to improve things, adapting to change, always willing to help, and ready to expand their role in response to a team need. 
  • Communicate:  Grace leaders inform, inspire and persuade, enabling team members to make sound decisions while inviting feedback.
  • Be Authentic:  Authentic Grace leaders have a profound sense of purpose and are willing to live according to their core values, remaining dedicated to personal growth and learning.
  • Think Critically:  Effective Grace leaders look beyond the immediate and the obvious.  They probe for answers through honest analysis.  Rigorous logic and problem solving are second nature and key to the balance and insight they provide to others on the team.